About me

Hi.  My name is Mary Baude.  Welcome to my website.  I am an interior stylist and artist.  I love color, texture, and design and am truly inspired by nature including countrysides, mountains, trees, and oceans.  Additionally, my love for old buildings/structures, barns, and animals play a significant part in my art and design. 


I have been playing with color and textures for years, even as a child.  This progression and passion of design has continued throughout my life and I am very happy to show you some of my paintings and photographs; my stories.  These pieces are expresssions of myself ... being inspired not only by nature, but by love of life.  I am blessed and feel priviledged to be able to share my designs with you.  


Another one of my passions is to help others create a beautiful home for themselves and their family.  Witnessing the joy and appreciation of clients when I help transform their homes is very fulfilling.  I truly believe that one’s home is a reflection of who they are.  Creating that stylish, comfortable, and peaceful environment not only helps clients feel good about their home, but that positive vibe is brought back out into the community.  I LOVE being a part of that flowing energy and know that it is helping the world a little bit at a time.


I hope you enjoy my art and interior design work, and that they may inspire you in some way!  


Mary :)

Let's work together

Email: mabaude@aol.com                Phone:  763-607-3813


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